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Corina’s Switchy is my labor of love. I’ve always been fascinated by creating unique and imaginative flavors, and using foods that are both nutritious and delicious.

 It was born in my kitchen, a concoction inspired by traditional switchels and other drinks featuring apple cider vinegar. It was my go-to refresher after a vigorous workout or when I needed a quick pick-me-up.

 After sharing it with friends and seeing their enthusiastic reactions, I realized I might be onto something. So, I kept playing with the mix, experimenting to find the best ingredients, and testing new methods. Finally, after years of loving tinkering, Corina’s Switchy is a delicious treat that’s ready for the world. Enjoy.





Corina Belle-Isle, Founder + President

Corina Belle-Isle,
Founder + President

Corina is the straw that stirs our drink.

After careers in art, finance, fashion, and real estate, she’s trained her fierce creative energies on developing Corina’s Switchy.

Corina has always believed in the importance of playing with one’s foods. That belief led to her experimenting in her kitchen with a recipe that eventually became Corina’s Switchy. (It also led to her daughter once making a salad featuring MnM’s, but that’s a tale for another day.)

One of Corina’s best attributes is her enthusiasm for an idea. She’s innately curious and dogged in pursuit of new concepts and innovations.

Like a magpie flitting about, Corina is a vagabond soul at heart. She should probably live in a rolling caravan, but instead calls Vermont home for now.

Russ Schleipman, Vice President

Russ Schleipman,
Director of Sales

Russ is Corina’s international man of mystery, having travelled to some 65 countries and counting.

Russ thrives on overcoming daunting challenges and navigating thorny situations, which is probably why he once had an audience with the Queen of England. (No joke.)

When he’s not busy hobnobbing with royalty, he blesses the rest of us commoners with his ability to make friends and open doors, making him the perfect person to lead Corina’s sales and marketing efforts.

Aside from his duties at Corina’s, Russ is an accomplished fine art photographer as well as part of the team that reintroduced the Porter Garden Telescope to the world. So, what did you do today?


Director of Curiosity

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it set the magpie free. Especially Maggie, our mascot.

Her sense of inquisitiveness and adventure knows no bounds.

 Maggie looks up to people such as Indiana Jones, Curious George, Lewis & Clark, Amelia Ehrhart, and Vasco da Gama (as well as most other people, because she’s a bird and not very tall).

 She’ll try any food. She’ll explore any path. She’ll chat up perfect strangers. She hitchhikes without fear or shame.

 Rumor has it that all magpies like to pick up shiny objects and bring them to their nests. Maggie takes that to a new level. She likes platinum, not silver. She shops at Tiffany. Her middle name is Bling.

 She’s flown with the bulls in Pamplona. She eats the worm out of tequila bottles. She’ll sit inside of refrigerators, just to make sure that the lights do, in fact, turn off.